Noun Collecting

The Idea

Introduce the concept of nouns by going on a treasure hunt in the house.  In the younger years, all grammar work needs to start tangible, not abstract.  Don’t ask your child to point out a noun in a piece of writing until they have a firm grasp on what it is.

The Execution

Ways to make a Noun Collection:

Gather a pillowcases full of nouns
Find nouns in a certain room (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom)
Find nouns in a certain category (person, place, thing)
Find nouns in a certain activity (basketball, swimming goggles)

Once a child understands the concept of a noun, Noun Collections can be made on paper:

Find nouns in a favorite book.
Find nous in a favorite song.
Find nouns that start with a certain letter.

Noun Collection

A box of nouns from the playroom.

Things To Do with a Noun Collection*:

Draw a picture
Create a book of pictures (Book of Nouns, Book of Verbs, etc)
Dictate list to mom
Copy/write list
Create a book of lists
Write a poem using the list
Write a story using the list

 *Depends on the skill level and interest of the child

Noun List 2

A bedroom Noun Collection used as copywork.

The Extension

Use Noun Collecting to learn about other noun concepts:

Find plural or collective nouns.
Find common nouns and list their proper names.
Find abstract nouns in a poem or song (love, truth, honor)

Common & Proper Nouns

A list of common and proper nouns dictated to Mom.


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