Magic Potion Station

The Idea

Create a new experience with the same old baking soda + vinegar science project.

mini magic potion

This is our “Mini Magic Potion Station” that stays in one pan.

The Execution


  • baking soda
  • distilled vinegar
  • food coloring
  • droppers (I have some left over from infant medicines)
  • stirrers (we use toothpicks)
  • containers to hold baking soda
  • containers to hold vinegar
  • containers for mixing

Add food coloring to several different batches of baking soda.  A muffin tin is good for separating colors.  Add food coloring to a flask or two of distilled (or malt) vinegar.   Make sure you have a nice thick tarp or towel under the experiment area.  My kids love to make “swirlies” with the different colors.

The Extension

Add other liquids for experimentation (such as vegetable oil).

Set up an Outside Potion Station.

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