Tiki Scratch Art


  • Scratch art paper*
  • Scratch art tools of various styles
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Tape
  • Colored paper for mounting

*Scratchboards are the most durable but expensive.  You can also find scratch art paper with white backing, rainbow backing, or clear backing.  All available on Amazon. We used clear backing.

Directions (Original idea at Inside the Lines.)

  1. Google “tiki line drawings” on a computer.  Choose one and print, or draw your own.
  2. Lay the printout/drawing on top of the scratch art paper. Tape both down.  Using the ballpoint pen, trace the drawing.  The lines should transfer through to the scratch art paper.
  3. Remove the printout.  Use scratch art tools “carve out” space of white/color.  Scratch wood texture into some spaces.
  4. Mount on a piece of colored paper when finished.


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