Art Projects

We spend at least one long afternoon each week drawing and painting.  About once a month I will give them a structured art project (like below) but most of the time I encourage free painting and doodling.  I keep a large tarp, brushes, paints (watercolor and acrylic), good thick paper, and art pens/markers in the kitchen.

Drawing Books

Drawing Book of Animals, and other books by Ed Emberley

I Can Draw Animals, and other books in the Usborne “I Can Draw…” series

20 Ways to Draw a Cat

20 Ways to Draw a Tree and many others in this series

Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre

Art Projects

I really enjoy art projects that are 99% child friendly, yet still produce beautiful results of which they can be proud.  These are some of our favorites over the years.  There are also some math-related art projects on my Math page.

Collaborative Coloring

3D Shapes (one point perspective)

Monochromatic Landscapes


Metal Engraving (Used this for ancient Egyptian & ancient Assyrian projects.  This Clip Art site has good reference pictures).

assyrian art

Advanced Monoprint (Easier than it looks; really fun with stunning results.)


Age 6

Simple Monoprint (Even the tiniest people in the house can enjoy this project.)

Eggshell Mosaics (Easter)(Lots of fun, but must be spread out over several days to allow for drying.)

eggshell mosaics

Collaborative Coloring


Purposeful Doodling

zen patterns 13

Nature Mural

Mural 1

Tiki Scratch Art


On the List to Try Next

My Pinterest board on Art and Crafts for Kids

13 Watercolor Techniques (Mr Otter Art Studio)

Chuck Close self-portraits (more on color cells)

Pop Art Prints

Acrylic Forest Painting with Gesso

Diagonal Perspective (textured wall with tissue paper and gesso)

Painted Autumn Leaves (tissue paper and gesso)

Grid Portraiture


Art projects to learn about Great Artists.

Good quality educational Clip Art.

Free patterns for sewing or paper crafting.

Christmas Projects

Clay ornaments with words (Joy, Noel, etc).

Lego ornaments.

Star Wars snowflakes.

Make a gift bow from old magazines.

Paper ornaments

Make paper cones and string into “bells”

3D paper snowflakes

Old Christmas card collage with glitter

paper xmas ornaments

Christmas decorations: paper ornaments, “bells,” and giant snowflakes.

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