History 1-6

For history we use Ambleside Online.  I won’t pretend that we’ve read every book, every year.  But by and large, we’ve muddled our way through most of them.  Here are some resources I’ve made to go along with our readings.

(On a previous iteration of this page, I had my own version of AO for Groups. This was basically a way to have multiple, near-age children on the same reading schedule.  However, they recently published their own group scheduling, and since it is superior in every way I am deferring to it here!)

These are some timelines that I made for parents, not students. I’ve only made it through Year 5, but I’ve tried to place the events where they belong in history.

Timeline 1  (Prehistory – 0 A.D.)

Timeline 2 (50 A.D. – 1200 A.D.)

Timeline 3 (1200 A.D. – 1600 A.D.)

Timeline 4 (1600 A.D. – 1840 A.D.)

Timeline 5 (1840 A.D. – 2000 A.D.)

For students, it is important that they create their own timelines, or Book of Centuries.

Book of Centuries

Clip Art that can be pasted in the Book of Centuries.

For my Book of Centuries, I have not “expanded out” the years 1500-2000 AD as some have suggested (due to the sheer number of events that were recorded in that timeframe).  I wanted to keep the scale of history clear to my kids.  However, I do have an extra page inserted for each century.