Geography Map Work

Ambleside Online includes living books for Geography in each year.  Below are some ideas for “map work” to go along with those readings.

Map Activities

Map Tracing

Map Work for Free

Checklists I created for my kids.

Continents, Countries, States, and Seas


Flags of the World Colouring Book gives you the option to print flags small, medium, or large (full page).  I’ve used some of their images to create coloring pages for my kids (listed above if I’ve uploaded them).

For Younger Children

Very young ones who aren’t yet good at writing can follow along with older ones on the above map work — I just have them color the country instead of labeling it.  Below are a few options geared more to the younger ones.

The 7 Continents Coloring Pages (color continent, trace its name)
Continents Cut and Paste
Me on a Map

Maps, Including Blanks for Labeling

Edu Place 

University of Texas Map Collection: Blank Maps

Maps to Color with color codes

State Maps to color with counties


World Atlas

UN Data Country Listings

Map Work to Purchase

Visits To… Geography Series (Simply Charlotte Mason). Each book has a full 36 weeks of map work.

Middle East
North America

Mapping the World with Art.  Learn to draw maps.  Very artistic.


Ravensburger Earth Puzzle-ball
Set of 6 Geo-Puzzles.  You can also buy these individually.

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