Copywork 1

These pages are for early beginners learning to print.  No more than one copywork page per week is recommended.  Other days should be spent developing fine motor skills or practicing letter formation.

These sheets were created using the Print Dashed font that is free to download online.  We also use Digital Teaching Tools on the Handwriting Without Tears site.

If your child still needs to print only one word at a time, we love Twisty Noodle for customizable printouts.

Go, Dog. Go!

A red dog on a blue tree.

A blue dog on a red tree.

A green dog on a yellow tree.

One little dog going in.

Three big dogs going out.

A dog party!  A big dog party!

Are You My Mother?

A mother bird sat on her egg.

Down, out of the tree he went.

The kitten was not his mother.

He looked way, way up.  He saw a big plane.

But the big thing just said, “Snort.”

The baby bird was home!

Frog and Toad Are Friends

Toad was sitting on his front porch.

Toad stood on his head for a long time.

Toad made Frog a cup of hot tea.

Frog swam over to the turtle.

Toad and Frog went for a long walk.

Frog and Toad jumped into the water.

The Primer

The little red hen found a seed.

The gingerbread boy ran away.

The goat would not go home.

A dog saw the pancake.

Chicken Little met Henny Penny.

The billy goats wanted the grass.

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