Copywork: Printing

As your child grows in her ability to print, allow some freedom to copy things of her own choosing in addition to a handwriting curriculum.  Use the Print Dashed font (search online – can be downloaded for free) or another website (we like Handwriting Without Tears Digital Teaching Tools) to create custom pages.

Continue doing activities that promote Fine Motor Skills.

Passages from books, favorite songs, and scripture are favorites for copying.

Some fun things my kids copied at this age:

Lists of things.  (One copied everything she wanted out of the American Girl catalog! For another it was Lego sets.)

Lyrics of songs. (Dare I say, Let It Go?  One of my children copied all the songs in the Pippi Longstocking movie.)

Quotes from favorite shows and movies. (Search online.  Star Wars, Doctor Who, My Little Pony are favorites here.)

Favorite football/baseball/soccer players, stats, etc.