Many parents worry about grammar.  Yet there are really only a finite set of grammar concepts to learn, and many of them overlap.  Most of the formal grammar training can wait until middle and high school years.  In the younger years, children acquire a sense of the English language through reading quality literature and doing copywork.  Grammar can be introduced occasionally in a fun and tactile way through games, activities, and stories.

A Comprehensive List of Grammar Concepts (plus teaching sequence and checklists)

Years 1, 2, 3

Teach grammar concepts through games, activities, and fun books. Do copywork once a week; point out grammar concepts in copywork, but don’t belabor it, or even expect much retention.  Just introduce the ideas.


Noun Collecting


Copywork – one short selection a week
Grammar Songs
Grammar Gardening


Years 4, 5, 6

Continue as in Years 1-3.  You may start seeing some retention, but resist the urge to push formal grammar work!  Copywork, living books, and introduction of the ideas are all that’s needed at this stage.  You may wish to start dictation of short sentences sometime during these years.


Noun Collecting
Magnetic Poetry
Mad Libs – a FAVORITE in this age group!


Copywork – one medium selection a week
Grammar Gardening
School House Rock
Grammar Songs


Years 7+

More extended pieces of Copywork can be given as fits each individual.  Dictation should also be done somewhat regularly, with short pieces in Years 7-8, and longer pieces in Years 9-12.

Life of Fred Language Arts.  Four books than can be read over the course of a year.

Giggly Guide to Grammar.  Very engaging book that introduces formal grammar.

Comma Sense: A Fun-damental Guide to Punctuation

A Sentence a Day

Websites for Reference

Daily Grammar

Grammar Revolution



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