Art and activities to supplement a math curriculum.

Group Theory (Symmetry)

Coloring Book to print, plus a digital version with animations

Polyhedra (3D Shapes)

How to Fold Circles (polyhedra from paper plates)

“Slide-Together” templates (polyhedra from slitted squares)

Books to cut out and assemble.  Find old books to buy for $0.01 on Amazon.


Polyhedra at the London Science Museum

Slice-Forms (Surfaces)

Sliceform Ideas on Pinterest

Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Cardboard Safari sells sliceform animals

Books to cut out and assemble.  Find old books for $0.01 on Amazon.

sliceforms - SA

Sliceforms at the London Science Museum

Graph Paper Patterns

Graph Paper Patterns (PDF)

Kandi Patterns or other Hama/Fuse Bead Patterns

Graph Art from The Smart Teacher

Use Desmos (online graphing software) to make art


Graph Paper Mandalas

String Art

Free String Art patterns

String Art kit for purchase

Skip Count around Circle.  With paper & pencil or nails & string on a piece of wood.

Bold Folds Etsy Shop

Multiplication & Division

Array City and Square Numbers Tower

Multiplication Clock

Color Mixing Chart. Start simple, with just 3 colors.  Good practice learning to read an addition or multiplication chart.

Collages to Illustrate multiplication and division facts.


Picture Pie by Ed Emberley.  Examples here, here and  here.


Create a portrait with number stickers

Mandalas to print and color, color online, or design your own.

Collage for Number Families


Mathematical Art Galleries

Family Math Night

Natural Math

E is For Explore

Math Art Fun

Math Activities

Beautiful math art  by Eugene Andolsek

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