Math Activities


To the best of my current organization, these tie in with my Common Core Math Standards (K-5) chart. [More to be added.]


Counting Within 100

Hundred Board Math

Operations (<, >, =, ≠, +, -, x, ÷)


Roll-the-Dice.  Roll 2 dice; write the numbers in the blanks and add.

Quoits. Great practice for mental addition.


Multiplication Grid (or here)

Yahtzee.  All you need is 5 dice and score sheets. More score sheets (PDF).  Yahtzee rules (PDF)

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Denominator

Using Venn Diagrams

Properties, Patterns, Order of Operations

Place Value

Places and Rounding

Roman Numerals.  Convert Super Bowl logos or figure out when movies were made from the year listed in the credits.


Borrowing from zero made easier.


Learning Fractions Through Art

Measurement & Data

Distance, Mass & Liquid Volume

Measuring Skills – liquid measurement

GallonBot – liquid measurement

Area, Perimeter, & Solid Volume

Area & Perimeter People

Area & Perimeter Animals (do this with centimeter grid paper)

Legos for Perimeter and Area



Lego Butterfly Symmetry (can be made easier or more complicated)


Make polyhedra


Graphing Worksheets that make pictures (everyday, Halloween, Easter, Christmas)

Other Resources

Games you already own that teach math skills.

Physical Activities (Ignite) to help with math skills

Mazes, Sudoku, and other puzzles at Krazy Dad

Japanese Soroban.  My boys enjoyed learning about this.  There are also soroban apps.

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