Math Art


How to Fold Circles (polyhedra from paper plates)

“Slide-Together” templates (polyhedra from slitted squares)

Books to cut out and assemble.  Find old books to buy for $0.01 on Amazon.


Polyhedra at the London Science Museum

SLICE-FORMS (Surfaces)

Lightbulb Template

Sliceform Ideas on Pinterest

Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Cardboard Safari sells sliceform animals

Books to cut out and assemble.  Find old books for $0.01 on Amazon.

sliceforms - SA

Sliceforms at the London Science Museum


Graph Paper Patterns (PDF)

Patterns from

Kandi Patterns or other Hama/Fuse Bead Patterns

Graph Art from The Smart Teacher

Use Desmos (online graphing software) to make art


Graph Paper Mandalas


A tutorial

Skip Count around Circle.  With paper & pencil or nails & string on a piece of wood.

String Art Patterns

Making Curves with Straight Lines – Ship, Another Ship

Bold Folds Etsy Shop

Gorgeous String Art piece for sale; smaller version


Make your own multiplication art (need pic)

Array City and Square Numbers Tower

Multiplication Clock

Color Mixing Chart. Start simple, with just 3 colors.  Good practice learning to read an addition or multiplication chart.

Fun Art Print with math facts


Picture Pie by Ed Emberley.  Example here.


Create a portrait with number stickers

Mandalas to print and color, color online, or design your own.


Mathematical Art Galleries

Family Math Night

Natural Math

E is For Explore

Math Art Fun

Math Activities

Beautiful math art  by Eugene Andolsek

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