Where to Start

Decide which of these Subjects you wish to include.   Use the 3 Day or 4 Day Weekly Planner as a reference. Don’t try to plan a year out! Plan for 12 weeks, see how it fits, and go from there.  If you’d like to see a year at a glance there are yearly planners on the main Organization page.  Resources for religious (or not) variations can be found on the Educational Philosophies page.

If it seems overwhelming, just pick 2 subjects.  Work on integrating those into the rhythm of your day.  Then add another if you feel like it.  The foundation of a good education is READING GOOD BOOKS. Everything else is bonus.  Some children really enjoy the structure of knowing what they will learn each day.  They tend to be step-by-step learners.  Others are much more free spirits.  If you have one of the latter, observe and see when they are ready for something new.  I call them “fire-hose learners….”  When they decide to learn something, bring it on!


1, 2 or 3 History readings per week?  Sample reading schedules for Years 1-3 and Year 4-6.

Make a Book of Centuries?


Include a Geography book?

Map Work?  How often?  How deep in detail?  Pick one country to start.



Pick out some Early Readers to read with those still working on Reading Skills.


For students at all levels, pick out several Fine Motor Skills activities (1-2x per week).

For those who want to learn, pick out books and activities for Letter Formation (1-2x per week).

For those who have mastered letter formation, start Copywork (1-2x per week).

Add Dictation once a week from around age 10, if desired.


Choose 3-4 Grammar Concepts to cover.  Pick out activities and/or books.  1 concept a month is enough for younger students.


How much writing?  Choose simple activities from Writing Skills, or visit Brave Writer for more structured ideas.


Choose 3 books to start.  Make a habit of reading 1 chapter a day.  Add more books as the year goes on.

Choose 1 Mythology book for the year.  Read it slowly.

Choose 1 Shakespeare book.  Read it during tea-time (or snack-time) once a week, and act out the voices!

Choose some Poetry.  Read it once a week during tea-time, or play audio recordings during quiet times, like crafting.


If using Math of the Level, choose 3-4 concepts.  Introduce them as suits your child.

Practice 5 problems each day reviewing concepts that are well known.

Choose other Activities and Art projects.


Choose 1 Living Science book.

Choose some Science Projects.


Choose 3-4 Drawing and Crafts projects.  Allow plenty of free time for drawing and painting.



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      1. I wish I did have an answer! I think most places use MadMini or FeedBurner. But I have no idea what that involves. I would sign up WordPress, but I do not have a blog and thats what they are having me sign up for. Thanks for the reply. Colleen >

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