Educational Philosophies

These are the ideas that inspire me.

Collaborative Learning, and the same author at The Right Side of Normal

How to observe your child and work with his strengths. These are some great articles to read if your child is a late reader / late bloomer, or is otherwise resisting learning.

Promoting a Positive Relationship with Print

Resistance as a Communication Tool

Normal Development, Left vs Right Brain

Tidal Homeschooling

The natural ebb and flow of life and homeschooling.

Ambleside Online (Charlotte Mason, with a Protestant twist)

An educational philosophy that focuses on reading and discussing great books.  No worksheets, and very little written work in the younger years.  Emphasis is on oral narration as a preparation for later writing.  15 minute lessons.  Lots of exposure to nature, big ideas, and the “museum” of human history,  literature, art and music.

(Charlotte Mason if you are not religious: Secular Charlotte Mason)

(Charlotte Mason if you are Catholic:  Mater Amabilis)

(Charlotte Mason if you are Muslim: Eternal Muslim Learner)

Child Development Books

Your Child’s Growing Mind (Healy)

Endangered Minds (Healy)

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