Biology 7+

Years 7-8


“A Class of Their Own” series: Archaea, Protists, Fungi, Bacteria, Plants, Animals

Ellen J. McHenry

The Brain

Living Books

Wicked Plants (Stewart)
Wicked Bugs (Stewart)
Life of the Spider (le Fabre)
Life of the Fly (le Fabre)
A World in a Drop of Water

Years 9+

Online Classes

Thinkwell Honors Biology and Thinkwell AP Biology


Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments

CK-12 Biology (free online digital textbook)

Comprehensive list of options from Homeschool Diner for Biology

Living Books

General Biology

The Panda’s Thumb (Gould)
The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher
The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology
Life’s Matrix (Ball)
Gulp (Roach)
Stiff (Roach)
The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer


The Microbe Hunters
A Field Guide to Bacteria
Parasite Rex

Genetics / Evolution

Genome (Ridley)
The Cartoon Guide to Genetics
Cats Are Not Peas (and Genetics of Calico Cats – online article)
The Seven Daughters of Eve
The Double Helix (Watson)
Triple Helix
10,000 Year Explosion
Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
Before the Dawn


Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds
What a Plant Knows

Zoology / Entomology / Classification

Diversity of Life (Wilson) – Environmental Science
In a Patch of Fireweed
The Life of Birds (Attenborough)
The Tree of Life (Lecointre)
Oxygen (Lane)

Online Articles

Cancer to the Rescue


The Biology Project (free online text and problem sets)

Biology Mad (online A-level study guide for UK)

National Geographic’s “The Loom”

Science Daily 

Science News

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