Chemistry 7+

Excel and PDF versions of the Periodic Table

Chemistry Posters and Games

Years 7-8


Ellen J. McHenry

The Elements (can also be done at a younger age)
Carbon Chemistry

Living Books

The Elements (Gray)
Itch: The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter

Years 9+

Online Classes

Thinkwell Honors Chemistry


The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments (lab)

Living Books

Reactions: The Private Life of Atoms (Atkins)
Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Periodic Table

The Elements (Gray) – worth getting this book in hardback!
Building Blocks of the Universe (Asimov)
The Mystery of the Periodic Table
Periodic Kingdoms (Atkins)

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Napoleon’s Buttons
Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs
The Joy of Chemistry: The Amazing Science of Familiar Things
The Disappearing Spoon (Kean)
The Chemical History of a Candle (Faraday)(PDF)(video series)
What Einstein Told His Cook
Uncle Tungsten (Sacks)

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