Earth Science 7+

Years 7-8


Novare Earth Science (faith-based, old earth)

Exploring Creation with Physical Science (Apologia).  Includes Earth Science and middle school Physics (faith-based, young earth).  Fall SyllabusSpring Syllabus

CK-12 Earth Science for Middle School (free, online text)

Living Books

Geology / Ecology

The Sea Around Us (Carson)
Shaping the Earth (Patent)
Roadside Geology of … [Your State] (Patent)


Eric Sloane’s Weather Book and Book of Storms
Peterson First Guide to Clouds and Weather

Years 9+


CK-12 Earth Science for High School (free, online text)

The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science and good reviews here.

Exploring Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology

Living Books

Geology / Ecology

Earth Story: The Shaping of our World and the DVD series if you live in Europe

The Practical Geologist: Introductory Guide to Basics of Geology

Exercises in Physical Geology (hands-on)

By John McPhee

Basin and Range
In Suspect Terrain
Rising From the Plains
The Control of Nature
Annals of the Former World


Clouds in a Glass of Beer (hands-on)
A Field Guide to the Atmosphere


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