A comprehensive list of Health topics.  Cover each one to the level of your child’s development. A Yearly Planner to use if desired.

Athletics & Fitness

Learn how to play a new sport or game.

Food and Hydration
Common Injuries and Treatment (MobilityWOD)


Delay sports specialization to increase performance and longevity.


Create your own backyard target with a blue tarp.
Make bows and arrows from PVC pipe.

Safety & Law Enforcement

Learn how to stay safe and get help when needed.

Vehicle Safety (restraints, as a pedestrian, Driver’s Ed)
Stranger Safety
Online Safety
Home Safety (fires, tornadoes, nuclear attack, guns, electricity, water)
Kitchen Safety (knives, appliances, food poisoning)
Workshop Safety (tools, safety glasses, electricity)
Animal Safety (dogs, wild animals, insects)
First Aid & CPR
Emergency Responders (911, non-emergency fire, police, ambulance)


How to recognize and avoid “Tricky People.”  An alternative to “don’t talk to strangers.”

How to respond if you are approached by law enforcement.  Good info for almost-grown kids attending concerts or other events.

Food & Nutrition

Learn how to choose and prepare healthy foods.

Choose nutrient-dense foods
Clean and prepare foods properly
Grow a garden
Exercise and manage weight


Good Calories, Bad Calories (Taubes)
The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Pollan)
Nourishing Traditions
Deep Nutrition (Shanahan)

Body Health

Learn how to prevent and treat illness.

Outside (eyes, ears, nose, teeth, tongue, nails, hair, skin)
Digestion & Waste (stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, bladder) – alcohol & drug use
Lungs – tobacco use
Brains – alcohol & drug use
Immune System



Herbal remedies for cold and flu

Dying: Teaching Doctors When to Stop Treatment


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Yancey, Brand) – Christian book, but would also appeal to any spiritual person who is looking for a philosophical narrative about the body.

The Gift of Pain (Brand) – Same author as above, but focuses on his reflections as a doctor working with leprosy patients.

Bioethics: A Primer for Christians (Meilaender) – Christian book, not denomination specific.  He examines medical decisions in the light of basic doctrines such as “love one another.”  This is a rare book that doesn’t give simple answers, but acknowledges the complexity of some decisions and leaves the reader with thought-provoking questions.

Mental Health

Learn how to handle common stresses in life.

Fear and Anxiety
Loneliness and Boredom
Violence and Bullying
Depression and Lack of Self-Worth
Conflict Resolution


Non-Violent Communication

Sexual Health

Learn how your body works and how to sustain healthy relationships.

Reproductive System


Our Whole Lives (UCC)

Personal Organization

Learn how to organize life and make the best choices for your future.

Task Management (using a planner, Kanban)
Finances (checking & savings, investments, budgets)
Travel (how to plan a trip, hotel, sights, safety)
Pursuit of Happiness


Shop Class as Soulcraft
Zen Habits: A Guide For Young People: What To Do With Your Life


Comprehensive Health Curriculum checklist from the CDC

Sex and Relationship Guidance from the UK National Curriculum

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