Book of Centuries and Timelines

Geography Map Work


The bulk of our history readings are pulled from Ambleside Online.  I won’t pretend that we’ve read every book, every year, but we’ve muddled our way through most of them.

For Years 9-11, another option is an online AP history class like those at PA Homeschoolers.

We chose a non-AP online class for Year 12. Our oldest had taken Ancient Greek for 3 years, and was interested in a Greek History Class: Lukeion Classical History


Thinkwell AP American Government

Other Resources

A year of reading US Presidents’ biographies.

American History through movies.

BBC History

Documentaries (Netflix, Amazon):  BBC or Ken Burns

Hetalia. An anime series that can be found on youtube and other sites, this series is sometimes extremely inappropriate. However, if you have a teen who struggles to be interested in history, and you have a rather relaxed parenting style, this series is brilliant. Set in post-WWII, the characters are the personification of countries around the world.  Hetalia gave my daughter some really nice “hooks” on which to hang her history readings.

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