Book of Centuries and Timelines

Geography Map Work

Years 1-11

For history we use Ambleside Online.  I won’t pretend that we’ve read every book, every year.  But by and large, we’ve muddled our way through most of them.

For Years 9-11, another option would be an online AP history class like those at PA Homeschoolers.

Year 12

We chose an online class for Year 12. Our oldest had taken Ancient Greek for 3 years, and was interested in a Greek History Class: Lukeion Classical History


Thinkwell AP American Government


A year of reading US Presidents’ biographies.

American History through movies.

BBC History

Documentaries (Netflix, Amazon):  BBC or Ken Burns

Hetalia. An anime series that can be found on youtube and other sites, this series is sometimes extremely inappropriate…. However, if you have a teen who struggles to be interested in history, and you have a rather relaxed parenting style, this series is brilliant. Set in post-WWII, the characters are the personification of countries around the world.  Hetalia gave my daughter some really nice “hooks” on which to hang her history readings!


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