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Print – Stage 1

Stage 1 is characterized by:

  • Using a handwriting curriculum
  • Tracing copywork
  • Keeping selections short
  • Finding selections that motivate the child to write more
  • Age range is usually around 6-9 years, depending on fine motor skills

As your child grows in her ability to print, allow some freedom to copy things of her own choosing in addition to a handwriting curriculum.  We use the “Print Dashed” and “Print Clearly” fonts (search online – can be downloaded for free) to create copywork pages to trace and copy.

Continue doing activities that promote Fine Motor Skills.

Some things my kids copied at this age:

Lists of things.  (One copied everything she wanted out of the American Girl catalog! For another it was Lego sets.)

Lyrics of songs. (Dare I say, Let It Go?  One of my children copied all the songs in the Pippi Longstocking movie.)

Quotes from favorite shows and movies. (Search online.  Star Wars, Doctor Who, My Little Pony are favorites here.)

Favorite football/baseball/soccer players, stats, etc.

Print – Stage 2

Stage 2 is characterized by:

  • No curriculum
  • Being able to copy without tracing
  • Longer selections
  • Copying things relevant to schoolwork (poems, prose, speeches, hymns, bible verses)
  • Age range is usually around 7-10 years (or later if no cursive instruction)

Once the handwriting curriculum has been completed (or dropped!), we add in more substantial copywork selections.  For my kids this has been between ages 7-10.


When the student is ready to move on to cursive, we like the Handwriting Without Tears cursive books.   We would mix up Stage 1 and 2;  a few days a week of handwriting curriculum, and a few days a week of copywork selections.  If your child isn’t ready to freehand copy, use online worksheet creators for tracing or direct copying.

Options for creating copywork sheets:

Copywork Selections

(more added on a continual basis)


Docks by Carl Sandburg (cursive) (print)

Under the Harvest Moon by Carl Sandburg (cursive)

Prayers of Steel by Carl Sandburg (cursive)

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost (cursive)

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost (cursive)

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (cursive)

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

O Gather Me the Rose by William Ernest Henley


The Star-Spangled Banner (guidelines)

The Star-Spangled Banner (cursive)

Loch Lomond (cursive)

Silent Night (cursive)

La Marseillaise (French national anthem)(cursive); translated into English

Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold (Tolkien) (cursive) (print)

misty mountains


Eternal Father: The Navy Hymn (cursive) (print)

It Is Well With My Soul (cursive)(print)


See Bible Study page.


Doctor Who – Hand to Hold (guidelines)

Doctor Who – Wonderful (guidelines)

Doctor Who – Bad Wolf (guidelines)