Living Science

These are living books that present science topics in a story format.

Some of these books are scheduled in Ambleside Online.  However, we are ALL over the place on science; this is the only topic that we really tend to follow our interests, the seasons, and the natural habitat of where we live or are traveling.

Picture Books

James Herriot’s Treasury For Children

By John Himmelman (These are very sweet – and accurate – picture books that my children read over and over).

A Ladybug’s Life
An Earthworm’s Life
A Monarch Butterfly’s Life
A Dandelion’s Life
A House Spider’s Life
A Salamander’s Life
A Luna Moth’s Life
A Slug’s Life
A Wood Frog’s Life
A Hummingbird’s Life
A Pill Bug’s Life
A Mouse’s Life

Chapter Books

Christian Liberty Nature Readers ($): These get progressively more difficult each year.  They do have a strong Christian bias.  Series goes from Book K through Book 5.

Eyes and No Eyes series by Arabella Buckley.

Wild Life in Woods and Fields
By Pond and River
Plant Life in Field and Garden
Birds of the Air
Trees and Shrubs
Insect Life

Older Elementary Books

William J. Long

Secrets of the Woods
School of the Woods
Ways of Wood Folk
A Little Brother to the Bear

Ernest Thompson Seton

Wild Animals I Have Known
Wild Animal Ways

Frank Bachman

Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Paul Fleisher

Secrets of the Universe: Discovering the Universal Laws of Science. Newly reprinted by Living Book Press.


Ambleside Online includes science biographies each year starting in Year 5.  They are all excellent.

Joy Hakim’s  The Story of Science series are great books to start around Year 6, and read through one each year for  Years  6-8.  They are more history than hard science, but very engaging and informative.

Aristotle Leads the Way
Newton at the Center
Einstein Adds a New Dimension

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